Lawful evidence cOllecting & Continuity plAtfoRm Development (LOCARD)

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Pablo López-Aguilar Beltrán

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APWG European Union Foundation

En quin programa de finançament europeu s’enmarca el teu projecte? / Which European funding programme does your project belong to?
EU support (FP7, H2020, etc.) other than MSCA

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Lawful evidence cOllecting & Continuity plAtfoRm Development (LOCARD)

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Breu explicació del projecte / Brief explanation of your project
Digital evidence is currently an integral part of criminal investigations, and not confined to pure cybercrime cases. Criminal behaviours like financial frauds, intellectual property theft, industrial espionage, and terrorist networks leverage the Internet and cyberspace. The very ubiquity of digital devices in modern society makes digital evidence extremely relevant for investigations about all kinds of criminal behaviour like murder, contraband activities, and people smuggling, to name a few.

Due to its nature, the use of digital evidence in a court of law has always been challenging. It is critical that it should be accompanied by a proper chain of custody, guaranteeing its source and integrity.

LOCARD aims to provide a holistic platform for chain of custody assurance along the forensic workflow, a trusted distributed platform allowing the storage of digital evidence metadata in a blockchain. Each node of LOCARD will be able to independently set its own permission policies and to selectively share access to digital evidence with other nodes when deemed necessary and upon proper authorization through fine-grained policies. LOCARD’s modularity will also allow diverse actors to tailor the platform to their specific needs and role in the digital forensic workflow, from preparation and readiness, to collection, to analysis and reporting.

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En quin repte s’emmarca el teu projecte? / What is the challenge of your project?
7. Secure societies – protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens


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european commission
Aquest projecte rep fons dels programes de recerca i innovació Horitzó 2020 de la Unió Europea en el marc del projecte EuNightCat (954506)

This project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programs under the project EuNightCat (954506).