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Programa de finançament europeu en que s’enmarca aquest projecte? / European funding programme in which this project is being carried out?
EU support (FP7, H2020, etc.) other than MSCA

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Breu explicació del projecte / Brief explanation of your project
The European photonics industry is thriving and needs more well-prepared professionals to support its growth and innovation potential. Addressing this pressing necessity requires engaging all photonics stakeholders to increase the visibility of the outstanding professional opportunities available in the field and provide the future workforce with tools to boost their employability.

CARLA, the photonics careers hub, is a 2-year H2020 EU-funded project that has designed, with the collaboration of over 80 representatives of different stakeholder groups, a model for pan-European photonics career camps of excellence. These are devised to make visible to STEM undergraduate, Master’s students, PhD students and early-stage researchers the broad range of career opportunities that exists in photonics. CARLA integrates the fields of industry, academia, innovation and entrepreneurship, putting special emphasis on empowering diversity and inclusion.

During the project, career camps will be organised in 10 different countries, aiming to create a reproducible tool to aid the growth of the photonics industry at European level. CARLA is also creating a virtual hub for careers in photonics (CARLA website, LinkedIn page and Instagram account), to inform about opportunities and support the photonics community at large during and beyond CARLA.

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Aquest projecte està cofinançat pel programa de recerca i innovació Horizon Europe de la Unió Europea sota el projecte NitRecerCat (101061189).

This project is co-funded by the European Union’s research and innovation programme Horizon Europe, under the project NitRecercat (101061189).