Poster European Corner 2022

Nom i cognoms / Name and surname
Carles Vilaplana-Carnerero

Afiliació / Affiliation
Fundació Institut Universitari per a la recerca a l’Atenció Primària de Salut Jordi Gol i Gurina (IDIAPJGol)

Programa de finançament europeu en que s’enmarca aquest projecte? / European funding programme in which this project is being carried out?
EU support (FP7, H2020, etc.) other than MSCA

Títol del projecte / Project title

Número del projecte / Project number

Breu explicació del projecte / Brief explanation of your project
Patient non-adherence to prescribed treatment poses a formidable health challenge. It affects patient health outcomes significantly, contributing to 200,000 premature deaths in the EU annually, and places a heavier economic burden on the healthcare system. Patient non-adherence is estimated to be responsible for approximately 125,000,000,000 euros in avoidable hospitalisations, emergency care and adult outpatient visits each year. Despite existing research on disease-specific medication adherence, there are few and broad insights regarding how to improve adherence across healthcare.
In light of such, BEAMER aims to acquire a comprehensive understanding of those factors that influence patient adherence, irrespective of the therapeutic area, and design effective solutions that could invite broad and consistent impact within a real-world context.

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Repte en que s’emmarca aquest projecte / Challenge within the framework of this project


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Aquest projecte està cofinançat pel programa de recerca i innovació Horizon Europe de la Unió Europea sota el projecte NitRecerCat (101061189).

This project is co-funded by the European Union’s research and innovation programme Horizon Europe, under the project NitRecercat (101061189).